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During the last few years I've been colecting ideas worth doing in a notebook. Not long ago I've realised that I'm probably never going to start working on any of them and I'd better share them with the world.

They range from startup ideas to titles for blog posts. They are written in chronological order starting from about 2009 to late 2013.

Online tuition
On the oposite side of the market of mass online courses, there may be a niche for one-to-few tuition sessions.
Real Estate manifesto
All the real estate websites seem to few important facts abouts their customers: they are human, they can't think in square meters and they really don't have the time to think about and compare all the features from all the listings. They need something else, something more personal.
Apartament complex management software
Niche software - the title says it all
GPS taxi helper #app
Sometimes you need to make sure that you don't get cheated when you take a cab in when you are traveling or you have just moved somewhere new.
GPS speed #app
Tracks your speed all the time and can be used as a "legal reference" in case of legal problems. #romania #3rdworldproblems
How to take notes correctly
There should be classes in school about how to be good at school. They try to teach us everything except the actual rules of the game.
Twister robot
Sometimes when you don't have an extra person to sit around a play twister (2 players) and you may need a simple audio program to help you with your next moves.
Open library
Some of the best books aren't in the public libraries and you may need to borrow them from someone. Think goodreads, but you list the books you have and people from your network can borrow them. Some kids/people still don't have money for new books.
Audio Headsets with movement sensors
Imagine the way we can change the way we perceive sounds just by moving or rotating our head.
Gravatar Sync
Pick a source for the avatar then sync it with other standalone providers; too bad Automatic has hidden the user's token for the API requests.
Blog Wiki
A platform for publishing content that can be easily enhanced by the readers.
Social Games
Winning the social game on different platforms (twitter, tumblr) by using coding.
Contest Picker
Organising web contests should require a 3rd party to run the contest and pick the winners. This can be done to increase the trust of the participants.
dotjs chrome extension
A browser extension that modifies the current page based on the files stored in a user's github repository.
OpenSource school books
The quality of a school book that can be created, licensed and distributed with the same procedures as an opensource project could lead to a lot of changes in the academic field.

The ideas above are released under Copyleft License.