Florin Popa

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Hello World

14 Jan 1989

I started learning basic programming on an keyboard computer when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I think it was a HC 91 and every time I wanted to play a simple game or do anything at all, I had to write the program (as it had no memory to store them).

When I was about 10 years old I crashed my first Windows. Windows used to do that all by itself. I watched someone repair it and then crashed it again so I could learn to repair it myself. My first experiences with modern PCs were, mostly, by trial and error (because I hadn't learned english yet). Now, I can only find it amusing how some people will not even try to do something (that they're not familiar with) without the fear of failing.

About two years later, I started lurking on the World Wide Web and IRC. Not long after, I had my first contact with the linux command line and stole my first botnet.

When I got bored, I started making simple html websites and learning basic php. I hacked and slashed code until I started to learn my way into coding. School classes weren't too helpful, because I found C to be too boring and rigid, and most of the time there, I only played games.

When the new high speed broadband connections came the Torrents and basically I had access to more information in less time. As I didn't have a computer powerful enough to play every game I wanted, I started reading and learning everything I could get my hands on.

My first encounter with blogging was by installing one of the first versions of WordPress. But it didn't stick to me as I didn't found any reasons for me to start one. But not long after I managed to start my first blog, the Web Social Era came and Facebook and Twitter started changing everything. You bastards!